Moved  from early age by the music played from his old man marantz record player every weekend. And the Mixture of coffee and cigar smell while his dad was naturally his first selector many great records where played to him from an old Fania record or  the jazz from Coltrane to the progressive progressive rock of King Crimson blended with gems from  disco like the hypnotic  i feel love by Donna Summer.

Growing up during the mid 90's generated in him a vast and complex mindset and interest on electronic music and the underground scene specially for the rave scene that followed at at his hometown in Valencia , Venezuela. from acid techno parties started on a remote "finca" farm, small location like bars or clubs.  

Intrigued by the dance scene already that was developing in South America and Venezuela the scope was aimed to follow the roots  that started to diversify and develop more and more from house and techno northern cities of the US like Detroit and Chicago, to then proliferated  to  European capitals. 

With a mixture of music over his head, he started digesting the sounds alike Villalobos, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Beastie Boys, Sventh Vath, Frankie Knuckles, The Bellevue Three, Theo Parrish and many other originators. Making him more & more interested not only on the richness of the music itself but also what it entailed to be part of an underground lifestyle. 

Which also represented many prototypes of areas of the society fro the late 80 and 90's.

After accumulating a vast collection of musical memories and experiencing on his local underground scene, on a summer of 1999 Daniel bought his first 2 channel analog mixer and start playing tunes and records trough a borrowed belt drive turntable and a Cdj100.  many noons and nights were spend while  playing his favorite tunes and records on gatherings among his intimate friends.  Few years later Daniel start djing in a local club with a residency with house and techno nights

In 2009 he decided to hone  his production skills at Berklee College of Music music production program . since then 4NiQ been releasing personal tracks and collaboration with names from his area and creating music from the most experimental to variations from minimal house to more dark and mental techno tracks .

In 2013,  He relocated to Nashville, TN ,  looking to generate a sound that could be appreciated in its purity in a city were underground electronic music was still reclusive and perceived  as a novelty, 

In this new exploration he meet Enrique Ferrer, a former audio production student at the Audio engineering School of Middle Tn, State University.

After conversation along Ferrer  he decided to start  and establish NHS (The Nashville House Syndicate). Later projects can be found on his bandcamp page and NHS records, for a later and more experimental approach,  Under Rated Art Creations is where 4NiQ can be found as another frame and aesthetic side.