Gregorio Soave
Gregorio Soave is a producer, dj and live performer whose sound lends itself to the London scene. Devilishly eclectic, the italian often veers toward oddball spheres, all the while maintaining a deep love and affection for all genres. His dj sets follow only but one rule: “fun”, throughout it he often steers through a vast array of music, not constraining to one specific genre. He has a passion for digging up some mysterious and intricate records that define his sound, mixing them with some revisited old school tracks. When Gregorio is not djing he’s immersed in a modular synthesiser that he carried arouand with him when playing live. His love for synthesisers and drum machines can be heard in his productions on labels like Amam or Ninth World Recordings. We’re exited to have him back with us in his home town for what will be a very entertaining couple of hours.