Gabrahm Vitek (yabé) is an American artist and producer. Born in Bryan, OH in 1986, Gabrahm began composing on piano at a young age and recording on an ADAT home studio. Gabrahm furthered his musical education at Belmont University in Nashville, TN where he currently resides. Since moving to Nashville in 2005, Gabrahm has released numerous records under a handful of artist monikers exploring; rock, pop, jazz, soul, roots, electro, and most currently house. The yabé releases are house focused and can lean toward big room house, techno, acid house, and future r&b. yabé was a nickname given to Gabrahm from various band members from previous and current projects, most notably his dance-pop outfit, KiND. KiND has charted in Brazil and has toured with acts like; St. Lucia, Twin Shadow, Jack Garrett, and Robert DeLong. The debut yabé release, natural EP, was released in spring of 2017 and was featured on various dance focused compilations. like a bird EP, was a follow up to natural EP and played off natural EP’s featured future r&b track, bayby. yabé has curated various live events and mix tapes under the title; hush hush. Another Notorious and later project recommended to check its  Buster and G and indie Nu disco duo that he co-op with Kevin Kendall.